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 My name is Sonya L Taylor and I am a singer/songwriter for the LGBTQ YouTube channel Weisare1, in addition to other clients.  Currently, the Weisare1 YouTube channel has 38K subscribers and typically gets between 500K and 3 million views monthly.  If you’d like to have your ORIGINAL music/song considered for inclusion in a video edit on the LGBTQ channel Weisare1, you can order directly on this site below.


Song Submission
YouTube Link to Your Music

The submission fee for music evaluation is $30 per song.   If your song is selected, the video edit with your original song included will remain on the channel for 30 days after which you can elect to pay a recurring $14.99 per month if you wish to have the video edit with your music remain on the channel.  At the conclusion of the first 30 days of service, you will be contacted to see if you wish to continue service at the recurring monthly fee.   If we are unable to contact you, service will be discontinued.


If your song is not selected for inclusion in one of our video edits on the Weisare1 YouTube channel, there will be NO refunds.  


The LGBTQ Weisare1 YouTube channel does NOT promise any certain number of views or likes, as all of that happens organically.  The video edit will be no longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds in duration.


Realistically, every song you submit will not be a fit for the Weisare1 channel edits, though we appreciate you and your craft. 


You must own all of the rights to your music or have exclusive rights to use it.  If the video is removed by YouTube because the music rights are in dispute, you will not be able to use this service ever again and there will be no refund.


By ordering services and paying the submissions fees, you agree with and will abide the rules outlined on this page.